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It is the quintessential bestseller of the brand. Its most durable cover letter in time.

We could affirm on the Lemtosh Sun model that it is one of the best-selling handcrafted glasses models in history without fear of being wrong. The brand's more than 100 years of existence have helped apply its savoir faire to achieve such an achievement only within the reach of the best.

Classic and timeless design, this is an original model that never goes out of style. At the same time, its marked lines create a sensation of intense glasses that highlights the features of its wearer. It is the ideal option for those demanding users who are looking for the best frame and lenses quality for its durability.

Due to aesthetics and unisex design, the Lemtosh sun model stands out for how well it matches practically all existing faces. A single glasses for countless faces, a great success on the part of Moscot!

Its impressive comfort, thanks to its material and fit, can be enjoyed by all audiences due to the existence of 4 sizes available in a wide range of colors. This design favorably highlights the factions of people with very different looks and covers the needs of targets from very diverse backgrounds.

For all this, the statements collected in the American weekly specialized in advertising, Adweek, are well deserved:

"In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Moscot Lemtosh might just be the coolest pair of frames ever created"

The Moscot Lemtosh are produced with the best quality of Italian acetate, handcrafted in an artisan way and with distinctive details in each of its wide variety of colors. It is available in no more and no less than 18 different colors. These are: Blonde, Tortoise with G-15 Lens, Black, Light Gray, Flesh, Sage, Tobacco, Blush, Matte Black, Tortoise with Cosmitan Brown Lens, brown Ash, Light Blue-Gray, Emerald, Brown, Black Crystal, Sapphire , Ruby and Matte Black / Wood. In this way, you will surely find your favorite color of sunglasses, both frame and glass as well as size.

And, how could it be otherwise, always accompanied by the brand's high-definition mineral crystals. Moscot understands the complement of quality glasses as a whole and that is why it always dedicates a separate chapter, just as important, to decide the type of glass that best matches the design created and the color of the acetate. And from that effort to achieve the perfect model, 18 combinations of frames and lenses emerge, all of them deserving of reaching the highest rung where the iconic models in the history of glasses live.

Some of the most relevant distinctive features of Moscot Lemtosh are:

- Crafted by hand using Italian acetate with distinctive unique patterns on each frame

- Diamond edging on the front of the frame - Key bridge for greater carrying comfort

- Acetate platelets for better nose support

- 7 barrel hinge for durability

- Engravings of the brand on the temples.

- Designed and prototyped by the fifth generation of the Moscot family, Zack Moscot, in NYC.

All this accompanied by the unofficial title of glasses with the highest number of cameos on the big screen and on the red carpet.

It is the favorite and inseparable model of celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Justin Theroux, and a long etcetera. Precisely, the latter carried a model of Moscot in the Mulholland Drive film.

The Lemtosh had the final boost to fame with their appearance in the movie Secret Window, back in 2004, where the wonderful actor Johnny Depp plays the successful writer Mort Rainey.

In 2014, Moscot launched the Grunya model in collaboration with The Roots leader Tariq Trotter. His thick profile and marked presence fit perfectly with the way of understanding art that the peculiar Tariq has.

The last film where the brand has made its most recent appearance is in the Irish movie where we could see several Moscot models on screen. In this link we previously dedicated an article to the glasses models that appear precisely in that movie (only in Spanish).

And, like all its models, they are always accompanied by spectacular packaging, namely: its mythical semi-rigid case, its personalized suede, the self-mountable box with images of the brand, and its beautiful fabric bag with a print that will delight of the most fans of the brand.

In short, the Moscot brand cannot be understood without the mythical icon of the Lemtosh and the Lemtosh could not have such a long life if it had not been created with the exquisite savoir faire of a brand that already has 5 generations behind it. Hyman Moscot couldn't be prouder to see what his seed planted over 100 years ago has become. Bravo for the Moscot family and their determination to continue with the quality that distinguished them from their first created frame.

Long live the Lemtosh!

And, DiferOPTICS, makes it easy for you to enjoy this model from Moscot as it offers FREE SHIPPING on the entire collection.

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